3 thoughts on “Có một con đường

  1. Thank you for the simple but deep reminder. It seem all the practice we been doing and all the things we learned in the practice is to do just this. But now knowing this, it is still such a struggle. Picking up an object, I realized I am not doing just that but in my mind the thoughts are weaving and forming so much such as “What is this? Why it is like this? Where does it come from? I like how it is like this and I dont like how it is like that. And then compare it to things I have seen in the past. And in that instant I have already lost the experience of just picking up that object. It is so crazy how my mental habit works instantly even though I know about this concept.

    This is just a small event, therefore when faced with something that is happening to you (that is hurting you and your ego) then it would be extremely hard to not be affected by this process of letting the thoughts take over. What a long journey this practice will be. But as the author wrote: “Khi nào nhận ra rằng suy nghĩ là đầu mối của mọi sự việc, thì mới dè chừng”. I am happy for just this for now.

  2. Bạn hỏi, vậy thì luôn bị suy nghĩ áp đặt hay sao?
    Vâng, có thể là thế, nếu chúng ta chưa để ý, sức cảm nhận ban đầu rất thoáng nhanh, rồi sau đó sẽ so sánh với một cảnh hay người nào đó đã gặp… Cứ thế quanh quẩn.

    Vì thói quen suy nghĩ, nên là vậy. Khi nào nhận ra rằng suy nghĩ là đầu mối của mọi sự việc, thì mới dè chừng. Lúc đó sự cảm nhận mới có thể bớt bị suy nghĩ áp đặt.

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