Chỉ làm rõ ra


Thật bất ngờ khi đọc câu này. Chúng ta thường cho rằng thời gian làm thay đổi mọi sự.

Ngẫm nghĩ câu nói này có lý, chỉ biểu lộ ra, hay đúng hơn chỉ làm mình nhận ra mình là thế nào mà thôi.

Nếu không tự để ý thì hết đời cũng chưa biết mình là ai, mình thế nào. Có lẽ tại mải bận rộn lo canh chừng tâm người, quan sát người, tìm hiểu người… mà quên rằng, người cần hiểu trước nhất là chính mình, bạn nhỉ!

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2 thoughts on “Chỉ làm rõ ra

  1. It’s amazing. The author used a wonderful skills to walk the readers through the meaning of the quote from the beginning of the paragraph until at the end.

    I used to think that time changes us, and now what a surprise to learn it just reveals who we are. And it is very true that we need to understand ourselves first before observing and discussing about someone.

  2. Hahahaha, another great quote that is a slap in the face (well the good way). Had a few great soul lesson of this throughout the year…seeing this in the people I thought I knew and also in myself. So through time we didnt really change but the conditions that came to us bring the characteristics that was hidden inside us to emerge out hahahahaha, yet we blame and blame the time and the conditions hahaha.

    And so so true that I spent most of my life investigating others instead of using all those time to investigate myself (which would have helped me so much more). I was grown up to always be the person that people talks to which made me always have the habit to see others and advice them or thinking I can help them. Then I studied and worked in the medical/mental health field which made me even more habitual to assess others and find the right treatment for them. Not knowing that throughout all these time these made me have a habit to look at others more than myself.

    Luckily I was introduced to Thien from Su Ong Thanh Tu and had wonderful teachers that taught me to reflect and watch myself. But since my old habits was so strong, even when I was practicing Zen I tend to see the fault of others quickly more than myself. Gradually through all the pain and suffering that came to help me this year made me realized that I really did not understand myself as I thought I did (because if I did then I would not have been struggling so much hahaha). All the knowledge I got from Zen were mere words and images in my head which did not truly liberate me from my mental agony. This was a hard but powerful lesson and thus I hope I now can try harder to put more time into investigating myself, diagnosing myself and knowing myself more. Thank you for all the reminders.

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